What Makes CakePHP So Popular?

CakePHP is one of the ideal and effective frameworks which allows developers to create rich web pages and highly functional web apps without moving a muscle.


Fabricate Quickly

Use code age and framework highlights to quickly assemble models.


No Configuration

No muddled XML or YAML documents. Just arrange your database and you're prepared to heat.


Well disposed License

CakePHP is authorized under the MIT permit which makes it ideal for use in Commercial applications.


Batteries Included

The things you need are implicit. Interpretations, databases get to, storing, approval, validation, and substantially more are completely incorporated with one of the first PHP MVC structures.


Clean MVC Conventions

Rather than arranging where things go, CakePHP accompanies a lot of shows to direct you in building up your application.



CakePHP accompanies worked in apparatuses for input approval, CSRF security, Form altering insurance, SQL infusion avoidance. CakePHP codebase itself has been inspected through the Mozilla Secure Open Source program.

Why Should You Choose CakePHP Technology?

High Efficiency

Authorized under MIT, CakePHP is accessible and provides rich features and high efficiency.

Profoundly Secure

CSRF insurance, SQL infusion avoidance, XSS anticipation and information approval guarantees security.

Unnecessary Coding

Many modules assistants and parts can be utilized without composing the source code for them.

Snappy & Flexible

Quick in preparing that can be utilized to create astonishing web applications.

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Solutions You can Build with CakePHP

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